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  • View the Business Name, Address & Website

    Get free and instant access to the business name, address and web presence (if existing) at the click of a button. This enables you to make a discreet visit to the location, as well as perform your own research on the business (Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement is required).
  • Get Instant Access to the Financial Information
    Get instant free access to the business financial profile. This includes information such as the number of years the business has been established, operating and discretionary expenses, how many employees the business has and more. We’ll even use this information to make offering suggestions for you. This is only for buyers with serious intent.
  • Q&A: The Top-20 Questions Every Buyer Should Ask
    Our famous top twenty (20) questions a buyer must have when buying any business, such as “Why are you selling?”, “Can you verify the income?” and “Your largest client is what percentage of your sales?”. The Q&A with the seller will arm you with information that will dramatically reduce the time it will take you to buy a business.
  • Request a 1-on-1 Meeting with the Seller
    We make it easy for you to speak directly with the seller. Simply fill out the “Request a Meeting” form (available on every listing page), let us know about your availability and we’ll take care of the rest. Can’t make it in person? No problem. Let us set up a conference call between you, the seller and the broker and get answers to your questions at your convenience.
  • Make a Non-Binding Offer on Any Express Sale
    Making an offer on a business listing has never been easier, and access to the short offer form is available on every Business Broker Express listing page. If your offer is accepted, we’ll postpone the sale until you complete all of your due-diligence and are completely satisfied in moving forward with the transaction. This will put you in front of all the buyers that are looking at this listing.
  • Your Satisfaction Matters: Due Diligence
    They are two types of due diligence; operational (how the business runs) and financial (how much the business earns). Due diligence will include all of the supporting information supplied by the seller and serves you as a buyer. After completing an LOI (Letter of Intent), we’ll make sure that the business you’re interested in fits you like a glove.