Co-Brokerage Opportunities

Attention Business Brokers and Business Intermediaries:

If you’re looking to close more deals and increase the profit yield of your practice, we’re in search of honest and ethical Business Brokers to Co-Broker with.

We do not compete with you, as we do not take listings directly from sellers and we only work through established Business Brokerage Firms and Business Intermediaries. This puts Business Broker Express on the same page as our Partner Brokers. With that said, we’re only as good as our partner Brokers.

We restrict our service to twenty-five listings for sale at any given time. So keep in mind, we only sell profitable privately held businesses that a seller could prove the profits of the business and have an established business model that is defensible. Your closing is just a call away. If you would like to sell more of the listings that you have, please contact us for our Co-Brokerage Agreement.